1. When I go to my English class at the beginning of the semester and I decide I don't like the teacher. If I want to change sections, what can I do?

The IELE has no policy allowing students to move from one section to another without good reasons. The IELE only allows students to change section if there is a necessity or irregularity in the registration process or if they are changing to a new English course. Students may contact the registration office to enroll in the section they prefer, but there could be fees involved.

2. Why am I being transferred from one section to another without my request for the change?

During the first 2 weeks of each semester, to balance the students in sections that meet at the same time and days, it may be necessary to move students from one section to another. This move has no cost to the students involved.

3. How can I know my coursework marks before the final exam so I can know how much I need to put in the effort to pass the exam?

All IELE instructors are happy and willing to discuss the scores with students before the final exam. Students may put in a request to look at the final exam after the grades are released by making an appointment to discuss the final exam paper and markes with their instructors.

4. What if I'm not happy with my teacher's teaching, grading or classroom management?

First, discuss problems or issues with your teacher. If this does not work, you can contact the IELE office and fill out a pettition to consult with the course supervisor. Any complaints about teaching performance or grading critiria after you fail the course will not be considered--petitions must be submitted as close as possible date that the issue begins.

5. If I have questions or enquiry about my grades when the semester is over how can I contact my instructor?

The lecturer's contact information is available on the IELE website.

6. How do I know that my teacher is fair in his/her grading when I feel that my friend's teachers are giving them better marks for the same assignments?

The IELE has clear guidelines and all the teachers are using the same exam answer keys, grading rubics, and grading criteria. Course supervisors regularly crosscheck the testing materials, grading system at random to ensure consistency and fairness among all course teachers.